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Alumni of Galmont Ballet have successfully gone into their lives on a wide range of professional fields including outstanding Dance companies, Broadway musicals, and College/University careers. During their 10 years training with us they had the opportunity to interpret important roles from classical repertory pieces such as, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Le Corsaire, Coppelia, Giselle, Paquita, La Esmeralda, Swan Lake, La Bayadere, and numerous pieces from the neoclassical and contemporary repertory. We proudly recognize them...

  • Brigette Cormier, 2006

  • Lauren Bell, 2008

  • Lindsay Bell, 2009

  • Katie Ballagh, 2009

  • Danielle Lynn Faherty, 2010

  • Gina Fleites, 2012

  • Bethany Vargas, 2013

  • Diovanni Frazier, 2013

  • Taryn Faherty, 2014

  • Daliana Gutierrez, 2014

  • Yasemen Turkmen, 2015

  • Blanche Langenbaugh, 2016

  • Diedre Lorenzen, 2016

  • Dayana Westhaver, 2016

  • Melek Turkmen, 2017

  • Laura Tuttle, 2017

  • Georgea Lorenzen, 2019

  • Alyssa Perkins, 2019

  • Reagan Ramsey, 2019

  • Maria Slate, 2019

  • Darya Chaharom, 2021

  • Sofia Muñiz, 2021

  • Morgan Hammond, 2023

  • Madison Amig, 2024


"Galmont Ballet was a lifesaver in my high school years. Any anger or frustration I felt, I had a safe outlet to express in the studio and on stage. It taught me discipline and a true passion and love for the arts. I'm so lucky to have spent time training and performing here." Taryn Faherty, GB Alumna 2014, Product Owner/Lead Product Support Engineer


"Growing up at Galmont Ballet is something I will be forever grateful for. Not only did I learn ballet, but I learned that discipline, hard work, and a positive outlook can take you anywhere in life. Mr. Frank and Mrs. Lucia truly inspire their students to not only be great dancers but great people as well. Congratulations on 20 amazing years!." Maria Slate, GB Alumna 2019, Real Estate Marketing Coordinator


"From the long rehearsals to quick changes backstage the memories are never forgotten. Galmont was and still is one big family and part of the reason I am who I am today." Dayana Westhaver, GB Alumna 2016, Registered Behavioral Technician, Music producer


"My years as a student at Galmont Ballet truly shaped me into the dancer and person that I am today. The training, education, and most importantly, the family that I gained from Galmont Ballet will stick with me forever. Mr. Frank and Ms. Lucia taught me some of life's most important lessons, and I keep their words of wisdom close to me every day. I will always cherish the memories as I continue to grow and I find comfort in knowing that I will always have a home at Galmont Ballet. Wishing you all the best! Love and miss you." Alina Slotwinski, GB former student, currently pursuing a college degree in Dance & Business


"I was a student at Galmont Ballet from 2010 until I graduated in 2019. During my time with Mr. Frank and Mrs. Lucia, I received a dance education that would prepare me to dance with a professional ballet company. I am so incredibly thankful for the amazing education I’ve received here and the forever family I’ve gained." Reagan Ramsey, GB Alumna 2019


"Galmont Ballet gave me the confidence, drive, and perseverance to achieve anything I put my mind, heart, and soul into. Thanks to Galmont Ballet I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought possible within the entertainment industry." Lauren Bell Borro, GB Alumna 2008, Artist~Producer~Educator


"My time at Galmont will always have a special place in my heart that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Galmont was not only a huge part of my life and youth, but it was a second home for me. The experiences I made there helped shape the woman I am today and I am proud to be an alumna." Melek Turkmen, GB Alumna 2017, Cloud Technology Sales Consultant


"Galmont Ballet is not just a school of discipline, strength, and control. It is a place of abounding love and immense support. I cannot thank Mr. Frank and Ms. Lucia enough for challenging me during my time at Galmont as it made me the perseverant woman I am today. I am forever grateful for this family who taught me the language of dance, and more importantly, the ability to self-expression. I love Galmont Ballet, always." Jade Sangalang, GB former student, Lawyer


"Galmont Ballet is a place to grow into a stronger/better version of yourself and they taught me to follow my passion and never give up no matter how hard anything is. I am forever grateful for my experience there." Darya Chaharom, GB Alumna 2021, currently pursuing Physics studies.

"I started at Galmont Ballet when I was 5 years old. While I knew I was going to dance every day to learn ballet it took me a long time to realize all the other lessons I was learning along the way. We were taught to act professionally at a young age which has now helped me excel in my career by the age of 24. We were taught to sew our own pointe shoes, fix our own hair, and do our own makeup because we are responsible for achieving our own dreams. We were taught that our behavior is an example for a younger generation which has helped me now in my life as a parent. Galmont ballet not only shaped me into a ballerina but also into the person I am today and for that, I cannot thank them enough." Diedre Lorenzen, GB Alumna Senior Property Claims Specialist


"My experience at Galmont Ballet shaped me into the person I am today; hardworking, dedicated, and strong. It also allowed me to further explore my creativity. Miss you guys." Sabrina Konrath, GB former student, Currently pursuing a degree in Art/Design.


"Galmont Ballet is nothing short of a home to me. I continue to take each life lesson learned from my time in that studio with me through every chapter of my life. I am extremely proud to call myself a Galmont Ballet alumna." Daliana Gutierrez, GB Alumna 2014, Executive & Administrative Assistant.

"I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since  I first walked in with my sister, Lauren, for our first ballet class at Galmont Ballet. Those years were some of my favorite years and most fond memories. I am forever grateful for the technique and work ethic I received from the ballet school. I use EVERYTHING I learned then for my continued dance career today. It’s amazing how fast time goes by, but I remember some of those days like it was yesterday. Happy Anniversary Galmont Ballet! Very thankful to you! And Merde to the Cast, Crew, and Creative Team for the upcoming Nutcracker! Being the Sugar Plum Fairy for those first 6 years was such an honor and I cherish that role and all those Nutcracker memories forever in my heart. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Sending all my love!." Lindsay Bell Brown, GB Alumna 2009, Performer, Choreographer, Educator, AEA.

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